It's The Magic Number

2004_01_22_MagicEight.jpgContrary to what De La Soul sang back in the D.A.I.S.Y. Age, three is not the magic number. At least not at Slice, where we hold that figure to be eight.

That's because a pizza comprises eight (8) slices. There are exceptions, with some pizzerias cutting six-slice pies or some even cutting a grid across their circular pizzas, resulting in rectangular pieces (with some odd curvilinear bits at the corners).

We point this out because someone visited our site after doing a Yahoo search for "how many slices of pizza are there in a regular pie."

As obsessive-compulsives, we check our Site Meter stats a little too often (Hello Sumitomo Bank!), and happened to see that search string. Though this post is a little too late to help that reader, this information, which we took to be common knowledge, will now be available to future visitors.

This whole "eight" thing also reminds us of our favorite byline in the New York Times, that of Jennifer 8. Lee, whose parents apparently chose the number as her middle name (8 being lucky in Chinese culture) to distinguish her from the tons and tons of other Jennifer Lees in existence.