Franny's in 'amNewYork'

In today's edition of amNY, Josh Lichtman reviews Franny's, the new wine bar–pizzeria on Flatbush Avenue. Because of amNY's limited online presence, I can't link you to it, but here's a PDF of the page the review appears on. Some highlights:

With a long vibrant dining room, soft lighting and good jazz, Franny's is an ideal spot to unwind. Along with Manhattan style—more Madison Avenue than Flatbush Avenue—Franny's also has Manhattan prices....

The main attraction is the individual pizza ($9-$14), cooked in an Italian wood-burning oven. While I love the fresh toppings, the crust is too soft and lacks the flavor and charred texture one expects from a brick oven. Crust aside, though, the pizzas are quite enjoyable....

The margarita pizzas are also a stellar choice; the tangy sauce made from sweet imported tomatoes is a good match for fresh mozzarella from the Lioni Latticini Mozzarella Co. in New Jersey.

But service is not quite ready for the big leagues. On a recent visit, my dining companion and I sat through a three-hour comedy of errors and waited more than an hour for food because our waitress forgot our order. She then proceeded to serve us the wrong food and we ended up eating separately. Adding insult to injury, the staff comped the bill $2.

While the service has some kinks to work out, the seasonal ingredient-driven menus refreshingly simple, utilizing quality ingredients and interesting flavors, which is the essence of Italian cooking.

We think Mr. Lichtman's review is accurate. Franny's is on the right track but does have some kinks to work out. (And we'd like a crisper crust!)

Slice on Franny's.