Pizza Truck Downtown

KEEP ON TRUCKIN' | Foodblog Foodstuffs kindly lent us this photo of the pizza truck near the corner of Wall and Front streets.

Astrid of Foodstuffs recently ate pizza-truck pizza near her Downtown office. Here is an excerpt from her post:

Pizza from a truck? The only times I had seen this pulled off was in the "tourist-fast food" setting, whether at The Spencer Fair in my youth, or more recently lining 17th Street in DC next to the White House, right next to trucks selling "Witness Protection Program" t-shirts and crystal replicas of Abraham Lincoln. No, I was quite certain I had never eaten pizza from a truck.

So I was quite skeptical when I plunked down my $2 for a slice of John Vincent's Sicilian pizza pie, which appeared to be their specialty (the guy in front of me bought four slices). They also offered a vodka slice for $3, as well as eggplant parmesean, chicken parmesean heros, and about a half-dozen other Italian hero items.

But I was quite pleased with this slice. The crust, as is expected with Sicilian, was thick — about a 1/2 inch — but it was charred underneath, making the overall bite crisp. My slice, which was a corner slice, was bathed in a healthy layer of tangy, garlicky tomato sauce. My impression was that the recipe for this sauce is probably quite simple — but uses fresh ingredients. Topping the sauce was a dusting of pungent parmesean cheese and a single basil leaf, measuring about 4 inches in length. The overall effect? Simple, pleasing, authentic flavors on a substantial crust, the breadiness of which, despite its thickness, did not dominate the slice. This is not a "classic NY slice" — no mozzarella holding it together — but a tasty, affordable lunch option — very welcome in the nabe.

Astrid also mentions that "they supposedly have another pizza truck on 47th and Vanderbilt, near Grand Central." We think she might be talking about this truck, which as of early December was at Park Ave. and 51st Street. But we suppose it's always a pizza truck's prerogative to roll to a new location as it sees fit.