Surf And ... Surf

20040822Sonya.jpgSlice is, of course, a pizza-information resource. We take our mission seriously and rarely deviate from it.

Except when a juicy competitive-eating story presents itself. And if that story involves Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, our favorite gustatory gladiator, then it warrants mention in these pages.

Ms. Thomas has done it again. The No. 1–ranked U.S. competitive eater just clinched a team lobster-eating event in Maine by eating 38 of the crunchy crustaceans in 12 minutes. That breaks down to 9.76 lbs. of lobster meat, or a little more than 9 percent of her 105 lb. body weight.

She won $500 for her efforts, saying, "I have a natural ability because of my stomach capacity. I could eat more, but something else—not a lobster."

We would suggest pizza, but that's just us.

Congratulations again, Ms. Thomas.

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