A Fast Franny's Re-Review

Franny's Sign

Location: 295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn (Prospect Heights/Park Slope)
Phone: 718-230-0221
Payment Accepted: Cash, cards

A friend of Slice is in town this week, and she's staying conveniently close to Franny's, the relatively new pizzeria and wine bar located on the border of Prospect Heights and Park Slope. When we originally reviewed Franny's, on opening night, we were impressed but still hoped for more from the crust and the service. We've been a couple times since then, and last night was the best we've had there yet.

The crust was crisp yet almost impossibly pliant and chewy. Paper thin in the center yet not at all soggy for it, and puffy and light at the edges. The bottom was charred nicely, like that you'd see coming from a coal-fired oven (not surprising given the fact that they have a well-designed wood-fired oven, one built from scratch as opposed to the pre-fab kind you see in wood-fired pizzerias of lesser distinction).

As always, the toppings were impeccable. We tried the tomato-and-mozzarella pie, which has a base price of $10, but we ordered ours topped with the house-made garlic sausage, which pushed the price to $14. The sausage was thick, velvety, spicy, and flavorful—a world away from the grisly fatty sausage found on run-of-the-mill pizzas.

Service was good, too. We were seated quickly, the waitress was attentive and displayed a thorough knowledge of the menu. We were disappointed, though, that the large yet charming garden space is only for cocktails and desserts. But Franny herself (at least I think it was Franny) said they plan on serving pizza out there next summer. Which gives us at Slice one more reason to look forward to nice weather once again (ain't this early fall a b***h?).