Top Dog Takeru Hints At Retirement


The Post's Page Six says international hot-dog-eating champion Kobayashi "The Tsunami" Takeru may soon retire from competitive eating. We say honto ni!? From the Post:

"Lately, I have been thinking of retiring," said Kobayashi, who has won the annual Coney Island frank fest four years in a row. "I want to retire before I disappoint my fans. It is not the competition that I fear. It is a decline in my own abilities. I must go out on top."

This is bittersweet news for us at Slice. We have great admiration for Mr. Kobayashi and were looking forward to following his exploits for years to come. But we also admire his determination to go out on top.

Kobayashi-san is the Jay-Z of competitive eating, it seems.

Of course this entry has nothing to do with pizza, but Slice makes nonpizza exceptions for competitive-eating news. In fact:
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[Thanks to JJJ for alerting us to this very big news item that we missed. (We didn't make it to Page Six during our morning commute.)]