A Slice reader alerted us to a looooong thread on Chowhound about the interminable wait and dropped orders at Di Fara. It was started by this post:

There is no way I will get my husband to go back to try again, but I would like to know if anyone else has had this kind of experience, in case I make a visit with other friends. Were we wrong to order a whole pie? Were we wrong to order mushrooms? I hadn't gotten this from previous postings, but is this another case of a grumpy owner who decides that he doesn't like you and gives you bad service to get you out? If this is the case, what could we have done to tick them off?

If we had gotten a pizza in regular time and it was terrible, I don't think I would be as disappointed as I was with the service we got today. Bad Chow Day.

This being Chowhound, the OP (original poster) was thoroughly beaten down for dissing a canonized chowspot. And someone participating in the thread went so far as to take out the domain difarapizza.com and post this there:

Re: Di Fara disappointment To all those that have been bitching about the amount of time it takes to get a slice of pizza at DiFara. If you want pizza thirty minutes or less call Dominoes pizza or Papa Johns Or stay in Manhattan and and eat your "Rays Famous" crap. Things in Brooklyn, take a little longer, because it's always better. Please do us all a favor and stop coming to DiFara, then maybe us Brooklynites don't have to wait for a slice of love. There is nothing that kills the mode of happiness, than to hear all of you complainers while we sit and wait for pizza. As us Brooklynites love to say "Go see, where ya gotta go"

I'd say that Dom didn't drop the order to spite the OP. Listen, he's done it frequently to us here at Slice, sometimes forgetting the order twice and drawing out our wait for pizza to two hours. You wish there was a better system, you know there won't ever be, and you choose to deal with it or not. It's one of the main reasons I'm hesitant to go to Di Fara anymore. Nine times outta ten these days, when I consider Di Fara, I weigh the options, and then opt out.

Which, I guess, plays into the hands of the publisher of DiFaraPizza.com (who "is not associated with Difara in any way").

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