'Edibles' on 'Stockholm Slices'

Not to beat a dead horse here, but Ed wanted to talk about the wait at Di Fara with me for a segment of his video-blog series "Edibles." Whoomp, here 'tis.

Mentioned in Today's 'Edibles'

David Rosengarten on Di Fara (and Franny's)

The Stockholm Syndrome: (Etymology: from a 1973 robbery attempt in Stockholm, Sweden, during which bank employees held hostage developed sympathetic feelings toward their captors) the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. [Merriam-Webster]

"Stockholm Syndrome itself is most commonly perceived to occur with hostage situations, with the logic behind developing this relationship with an abuser or captor is in the interest of self-protection. This development occurs when there are perceived threats of violence, disempowerment of the subject, high levels of stress or trauma upon subject, and ultimate dependence upon the person in control for base survival." [serendip.brynmawr.edu]

Di Fara Pizza

Address: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230 [map]
Phone: 718-258-1367
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