Rome: Taverna della Scala Ristorante

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Reaching into the Slice mailbag today we find a tasty-looking photo from reader Paul Lang:


Adam, I'm a fan of the blog and recently went to Europe for a quick trip. In Rome (Trastaverre was the specific neighborhood), my wife and I ate at Taverna della Scala Ristorante. We had a terrific pizza Margherita (photo attached) that had the perfect combination of crisp crust, appropriate amount of cheese, and fresh tomato sauce. Combined with the €9 house wine and a long day of hiking the city, this pizza really hit the spot.

I thought I would send along the pizza experience to contribute to your community. Keep up the great work!

Paul Lang

Paul, Thanks so much for the picture and advice. Photos and tips are always welcome so that we may better promote the pizza experience among the all the homeslices out there. It's always good to have one more suggestion for ol' Roma.

Hasta la pizza, Adam

Taverna della Scala Ristorante
Address: Piazza della Scala 19