A Visit to Pizzeria Bianco

Slice reader Philip G. visited Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix last week and came away with a bellyful of what sounds like great pizza, and, I assume, memories to last a lifetime. He sent along his pix and this great video—the first instance of a motion-picture pizza upskirt. Thanks, Philip!

You should have noticed in that video that Philip is wearing the "I Slice NY" shirt. W00t! And if you didn't, here's a pic of him and the man himself, Chris Bianco:


20070808grandcanyon.jpgAnd this shirt really gets around. Here it is on Philip at the Grand Canyon (right).

Pizzeria Bianco is, of course, the celebrated Phoenix pizzeria helmed by Chris Bianco. Ed Levine (he's the "Ed" who Philip mentioned in the video) is in love with the place, but I've not yet had the opportunity to visit. Mr. Bianco is apparently a pizza-obsessed mofo who, tales tell, puts his heart and soul into the pizza. The Wiseguy pie that you saw in the video is Mr. Bianco's signature pizza.

If you want to read more about the place, there's a few entries in the Slice archives.

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Pizzeria Bianco
Address: 623 East Adams Street, Phoenix AZ 85004 [map]
Phone: 602-258-8300
URL: pizzeriabianco.com

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