Korean Shrimp Roll and Hot Dog Pizzas


Japan, I used to love you for your inventiveness—the way you took things from other cultures, tweaked them, and improved them.

But you're slippin', babe. That Double Roll pizza you came up with? So kinō.

Say annyong to two amazingly ostentatious pizzas that Pizza Hut South Korea has come up with (I don't know their names, so I'm just making them up here as I go along).

Videos of the Korean commercials, after the jump.


Japan's cocktail wieners baked into detachable mini rolls at the edge of a pizza really are nothing compared to Korea's whole shrimp with their little tails curled just so. Let's cut to the vid ...

Not enough for you? How 'bout ...


I don't know much Korean beyond "hello" and "thank you," but I think I learned a new phrase after watching the following video: "Royal Crust." Which is what I think this pizza is called.

I'm not even sure if you can still get this specialty pizza in South Korea anymore, since it was a bit back in Pizza Hut Korea's video archives, but it whomps the socks off anything Pizza Hut Japan has come up with lately. I mean, would you rather have an itsy bitsy Vienna Sausage or a large, snappy, steamy one like this: