Lunch: New York Pizza Suprema

NY Pizza Suprema's 'Upside Down Pizza' (by Slice)

New York Pizza Suprema calls this an "upside down pizza," but it's essentially a Sicilian slice that goes crust, cheese, sauce instead of crust, sauce, cheese. We had it for lunch today at SliceĀ–Serious Eats HQ.

NY Pizza Suprema's 'Upside Down Pizza' (by Slice)I asked pizza authority Ed Levine here at the office: "Well, isn't it essentially a 'Sicilian' pie? I've heard that, traditionally, Sicilian pies were made this way."

"Well, they were," Ed said, "But it's become the orthodoxy that it's the other way around" (i.e., crust, sauce, cheese).

Whatever. The upside down pie at Suprema is just plain good. The thicker crust stands up nicely to a sauce that can at times be a bit too sweet on a thinner slice. And they do a good job of, you know, actually cooking the pie through. Ours was nicely well done.

And, who knew: Pizza Suprema makes its own fresh mozzarella in-house.

New York Pizza Suprema

Address: 413 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at 31st Street; map)
Phone: 212-594-8939