Japanese Stovetop Pizza Oven


I'm obsessing over this Japanese stovetop pizza oven that looks like it would replicate the ideal baking conditions of a traditional Italian pizza oven. I say "looks like" because, honestly, could this thing really work? I have my doubts. Not to mention that the pies that come out look incredibly small.

Still, with a slight dome-shape to better reflect heat to cook the pizza top, and intense gas-burner flames from below, the little ceramic oven gives me hope, and I'm eager to get my hands on one.

Impress Watch has what appears to be a test-drive of the oven on its site, but it's in Japanese, and I can't read it. I do love that they include an upskirt shot (right) with their review, though.

It's made by a company called Hakuho and runs ¥10,000 (about US$93 as of publication). Any Slice readers in Japan? I'll make it worth your while to pick one up for me and ship it my way.

Inoue-san, are you reading? Help a (pizza) brother out!