Pizza Cones Make U.S. Debut in K.C. Mall

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

I just got this email from my mom, and, boy, did I freak out.


Adam, Saw this article [below right] in the KC Star on January 6. Looked interesting. Too bad we didn't see this while you were in town. We might try this, but not anytime soon, as you left us with so much pizza in the freezer. Hope the pictures get to you. We had problems trying to figure out the attachment part. Let me know if you get the pictures or not. --Mom

You don't know how much this hurts, ladies and gents.

20080107-kornet.jpgYou see, I've been dying to try one of these damn pizza cones since I first heard about them in April of 2004. Yeah, you read that right. 2004, people. And whenever this pizza-cone meme would resurface on Boing Boing or somewhere else, kind readers would send it to me--"OMG! Have you seen this cone pizza?!?" Of course, yes, I had, so their emails were only torturous reminders that I couldn't get one of these in New York City.

And now, my mom emails me, basically telling me that one of my white whales of pizza, one of my holy grails of pizza, one of my long sought-after food items, had been just a 20-minute drive away--at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas--the whole time I was in the KC metro area for Christmas.

Not only that, but the article in the photo here tells us that this is the first U.S. branch of Kornet Pizza. Would you look at that--and in the very mall I used to rat around as a teen-ager.

And to think I didn't stop by the mall this year for a slice at Original Pizza, as I had planned. I'm sure I would have run into Kornet there as well.


This is the first time I've been jealous of Kansas City when it comes to pizza.

And, yes, Mom: I got the pictures.

Kornet Pizza

Address: In the food court of Oak Park Mall, 11519 West 95th Street, Overland Park KS 66214