Pizza Beer Set for Production Run

20080116-pizzabeer.jpgPizza beer—coming to a city near you? Sounds like it might. Tom Seefurth, who first brewed up a batch of the slice-flavored suds last year, has partnered with a small Milwaukee brewery to begin production on Friday of a limited run of the stuff. He and his wife call it Tom Seefurth's Mamma Mia Pizza Beer and plan to partner with other small breweries for similar runs.

As says:

Officially called "Tom Seefurth's Mama Mia Pizza Beer," the brew is made with tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano. It's kind of like beer-meets-marinara sauce or a Bloody Mary and a beer chaser mixed in one bottle.

The Seefurths live in Illinois, but plan to partner with small breweries, like Sprecher, to bring pizza beer to the masses. They will brew a 40-barrel batch—400 cases—during their Sprecher visit.

If I can lean on my Milwaukee relatives to pick up a six pack, I'll report to you on the taste. But don't get your hopes up. With an output of only 400 cases and an Illinois distributor already committed to buying most of the run, I'm sure this stuff will be gone in no time—if only for the novelty factor. [via Chow]