Marijuana-Laced 'Happy Pizza' Taken off the Menu in Cambodia

'Last Dance with Mary Jane'

Happy Herb Pizza (by Adam Goraltream)

Photograph from Adam Goral on Flickr

It's been the pizza topping of choice among debauched backpackers in Cambodia for years, but a crackdown on marijuana in the Southeast Asian country is putting an end to "happy pizza" there, thanks to the Cambodian government's fight against drugs.

... foreign inspiration transformed the drug into arguably the world's most talked-about pizza topping. Dozens of happy pizza parlours sprang up around the country as backpack tourism boomed.

But now the Cambodian government's current battle against drugs has given "pizza wars" a whole new meaning.

This week marijuana was claimed as Cambodia's first "total victory" in eliminating a drug from both domestic and export markets by Interior Ministry anti-drug chief, Police General Lou Ramin.

"Marijuana is no longer a problem in Cambodia," he declared. "We are strengthening our monitoring throughout the country and its borders."

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Happy (Weed) Pizza

Adapted from


1 ounce cannabis 1 pizza, oven-ready 1 cup mozzarella


Using a coffee grinder, food processor or similar device, grind cannabis into a fine powder. Spread cannabis evenly over pizza by sprinkling gently; then follow with the mozzarella. Instead of adhering strictly to the recommended pizza-baking directions, carefully cook the pizza for two or three minutes longer than stated at 25 degrees below the recommended temperature.

Update: In the comments, ChiefHDB mentions cooking the weed in some sort of oil or fat to release the THC. This thread on touches on the concept, and posits that the oil from the melted cheese is being used as the vehicle to absorb the chemical. Not that Slice is necessarily advocating following this recipe, that is.