Reader Recommended: Bollini's Pizzeria in Monterey Park, California

Editor's note: I had an email exchange last week with a Serious Eats reader coming to New York from L.A. The gist: "The airline food ain't gonna cut it for the flight back west. What uniquely New York snacks should I bring on board that will travel well?" (Unfortunately, I couldn't recommend pizza for that.) Long story short, I asked her how far she was willing to go for good snacks for the plane. Her answer included some good L.A. pizza intel. —The Mgmt.


Christiano Bollini, pizzaiolo at Bollini's Pizzeria, a wood-oven Neapolitan-style joint in Monterey Park, California. Photograph from Bollini's Pizzeria

Dear Slice, Letters From Our Readers

Thanks again for your help with the New York/plane food question.

You asked, basically, how hard would I work for good food for the plane? Depends on how I feel that day. But now I have great choices! (And I just saw Zabar's said they've created a fab rye bread. Maybe I could get a sandwich on that.)

I mention this as, last night we drove a solid 20 minutes—no traffic, 60 mph, on the freeway just to get pizza to go. Waited 30 minutes for the pizza. Drove 20 minutes back. Took one bite—and it was worth it. Stunning, just stunning.

Antica Pizza is good in L.A. Mozza is grand, although, would you call it pizza? Joe Peeps is fun.

This place we went to, Bollini's, is a delight, as it's one guy who took a big risk (Monterey Park is known for dim sum, not wood-fired pizza)—and everyone proved him right. It's in a corner strip mall. By a Dollar Tree. Very little seating. And yet they consistently turn out pizza so good that people wait, happily, for their box or table.

Here's a fun blog listing about it:

Now I'm off to go for a walk so I can have some of my leftover pizza tonight!

Best, M.


Dear M., Thanks for the intel!

Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you in NYC, then, if you're willing to go through the L.A. driving hassle just for take-out pizza.

This place looks great. I love hearing stories of individual pizza makers who go it alone and succeed. The pizzas on the blog you linked to look great.

Hasta la pizza, Adam

Bollini's Pizzeria

2315 South Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park CA 91754 (map) 323-722-7600