Pizza Ovens on Wheels: The Traveling Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens of Veraci Pizza


Photographs from Veraci Pizza

OK. I'm beating you over the head with the pizza oven photos here. But it's for a GOOD REASON.

Check this thing out! That's right, ladies and gents. A portable wood-burning pizza oven. A pizza oven ON WHEELS.

Ain't that the darnedest thing ever?

The news: The wandering pizzaoli of Veraci Pizza will be setting up shop in a nonmobile location in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. 500 NW Market Street, Seattle WA 98107 (map)

Behind the news: The folks behind the operation, Marshall Jett and Errin Bird-Jett have been plying their craft from portable pizza carts for about four years. They'd show up at farmers' markets and cook pizzas with fresh toppings bought right there from the stands. They eventually expanded to three portable ovens, five full-timers on staff, and 20 on-call slice slingers.


The ovens are pretty damn impressive, and Veraci Pizza builds the cookers themselves:

We design and build each oven as a unique work of art using a special refractory clay mixture that withstands temperatures up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit! If you try to cook a pizza at 1300° F, it will quickly become charred beyond recognition, so we normally cook our pies between 900° and 1100° F. At these extreme temperatures, Veraci pizza is ready in a less than two minutes.

The pizzas coming out of the Veraci ovens, if you look at some of the pictures on the website, look pretty good, too.

Where to Find Veraci

The ovens travel around. Here's the Seattle calendar and the Bend, Oregon, calendar.

How to Build One Yourself


I've been mildly obsessed—well, obsessed off and on—with building my own pizza oven, and a Veraci-like oven (minus the trailer, above) looks somewhat in line with what I could fit in the garden space of my rental apartment. Not sure how my landlady, who lives upstairs, would react, but I figure if I sent up pizzas, that would grease the wheels.

There's some discussion about building a Veraci-like trailer-mounted oven on the Forno Bravo forums, which are an overall great resource for home-oven building.


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