Wonderpizza Pizza Vending Machine: Seen It!


OK. I've been getting the emails about this thing. So I'm going to blog it up yet again. The Wonderpizza pizza-vending machine. Many thanks to everyone who sent in the links to the various blogs that have covered this thing in the last week. I love you guys for keeping me hip to cool stuff going on pizzawise.

But I have to tell you that this machine, this story, it's old news.

I blogged about it here in 2004, and then "reheated" that post again in 2005, and then yet again in 2007.

Long story short: In 2004, the Italian company Wonderpizza had a distributor here in the U.S. Brown University even took delivery on at least one of the machines. Wonder Pizza USA, the U.S. distributor, was poised to revolutionize the vending and pizza worlds.

That didn't happen.

Now, it appears that all that's left of Wonder Pizza USA is this vestigial tail of a website.

The only thing new, to me, in this story is that there's now a video that shows the machine in action. You can watch it after the jump.

Wonderpizza Pizza Vending Machine Video