Dear Slice: 'You Have Not Tasted the Best'

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got ...


Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersI saw this story on Yahoo! Food and thought that you might be interested. I read this story on the best pizza in america how can you say best in the US when you have not tasted the best you go to popular cities looks like all on the east coast oh ya you may have tried Calf. Well guess what there are 50 states so you should try them all before you say the best in the US Your list of states does not ever include all 50 so how can you say the best. Well open your eyes and look at a map and wow you will discover there is a state called Oregon ........ In Oregon there is the best pizza I have ever had and its at the Flying Pie on SE Stark st. in Portland, Or its not a large place but its the best..... its been there for years and I have taken many of people there that say they have to best in there town then they taste Flying Pie and cant wait to come back oh ya its not cheep. So don't forget your Visa or Master Card... that is if your really into finding the best you will try the best .....



Dear Maryann, I actually have heard of Portland, Oregon! It may surprise you to learn that I once lived in that beautiful city. Not for very long, granted (and sometimes I wonder why I ever left), but I did try Flying Pie on one occasion. This was a few years before I would eventually start Slice, so I didn't take good notes on the experience or photos. I remember it as having good slices--and that you could actually get the pizza by the slice there.

It may also surprise you to learn that I have actually had a piece of pizza from every pizzeria in America.

Just kidding!

Oh, and one of the Slicesters was just out in Portland, visiting Apizza Scholls.

Thanks for writing, Adam