Upstart Newark Pizza Truck Actually Cooking Pizza in Truck


It's interesting how people view the world through their own slightly warped lenses. For instance, the Newark Star-Ledger begins this piece on an upstart pizza truck with the news that it's pissing off its neighbors.

But viewed through the Slice lens, I'd say they buried the lede. Here's what caught my eye in the story about the Lost Brothers Pizza truck:

[Owner Howie] Stern came up with the idea of the mobile pizzeria several years ago after seeing a similar concept in Manhattan. The truck in New York, though, had its pies premade and heated them in the truck. Stern, 37, wanted to take the idea to a different level.

He quit his corporate job in re tail printing and pursued the idea. He studied different models of lunch trucks before finding a manufacturer in Canada to custom design one for $100,000. The finished product is a vehicle that has all the trappings of a regular kitchen with two ovens, a sink, a water tank, refrigerator and air conditioning.

The pies are cooked in-truck, ladies and gents. Which is really something, because even though the ones I've had in Manhattan have been good, it's not the same as having the pizza actually baked on scene. I think I smell a Newark road trip coming soon. After the jump, a video of the truck.

A Mobile Pizzeria, the new kid on the block

It is cool that they're baking it on-site, but the ingredients look pretty Sysco. Though I'd imagine it'd be almost prohibitively difficult to do homemade dough and sauce on a truck.