PSA of the Day: Please Tip the Pizza Delivery Driver

A piece in the Virginian-Pilot reports that local Papa John's franchises in southeastern Virginia changed their pay structure at the beginning of this month.

... Previously, drivers got at least the full minimum wage of $5.85, plus a small delivery stipend and tips. Now, Papa John's is taking advantage of federal law that says because the drivers can make tips, they can be a paid a lower hourly rate when they're on the road making deliveries and a higher rate while working in the shop. Other pizza places use comparable systems.

But the rub is that most people tip for s*** when it comes to pizza delivery. So with the cost of gas through the roof, plus insurance and car maintenance, some drivers aren't even breaking even on the cost of delivery. So just a reminder, homeslices, be sure to tip the pizza guy or gal. Here are some tips on tipping: