Openings: Branch of New Haven's Famous Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Coming to Yonkers, New York


Photograph by Robyn Lee

The Westchester County Business Journal has it that Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana is opening a branch in Yonkers, New York.

"This will be our first venture outside our home base of Connecticut," said Kenneth Berry, chief operating officer of Frank Pepe's Development Company. He said the company hopes to build three or four more restaurants in Westchester over the next four to five years. William Fonte, of Trifont Realty, said the business partners are looking at sites in New Rochelle, Rye, North White Plains and Port Chester.

OK. But are they going to use a coal-fired oven?

"The only two differences between what we do now and what Frank Pepe did in 1925 is that we have air conditioning and refrigeration," Berry said. The pizzeria's sausage still is supplied by the original sausage-maker, another family business in its third generation in New Haven.

"Our menu is very simple," Berry said. "It's pizza, beer, soda and wine." In Yonkers, the testimonial-garnering Pepe thin-crust pizzas will be baked in a 14- by 14-foot, 30,000-pound oven custom-built on the premises that replicates the oven installed by Pepe in New Haven in 1938.

Hmm. That's not conclusive as to whether the replica oven will replicate the coal-burning process. I'll put in some calls and report back when I get word. [via Small Bites with a tip o' the hat to Walter Barrett]