What You're Making This Weekend: Tarte aux Tomates


Photograph courtesy of Mark H. (aka Famdoc)

You know what's in season right now, don't you? Tomatoes. Yup, one of the most important ingredients of pizza.

I just got an email from Mark H. (aka Famdoc in the comments). He says:

My wife is a big fan of French magazines. She recently leafed through a particularly Oprah-ish one and found this recipe for a cherry tomato tart.

Since farmers' markets (and my own backyard) are replete with cherry tomatoes of all colors, I have tried to reproduce the recipe twice now. Forthcoming are photos of my effort. Pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.

I clicked through Mark's link, only to find a web page that was totally full of misspellings. Turns out it was French. Luckily, I have a passing knowledge of culinary française, so I took the liberty of translating.

Yes, purists will argue that it's not pizza, but come on, it's close enough, and why not put those delicious garden or farm-stand tomatoes to work?

Here's the recipe »