Jim Lahey's Co. Is 'Pizza Hut Meets Blue Hill'


The New York Times has a nice interview with Jim Lahey, of Co., the pizzeria he just might open later this month. It's "Pizza Hut," in that it will be reasonably priced and welcoming, he says, and "Blue Hill," in that it'll be ingredient-driven.

So the menu is still a draft. "We'll have six to eight annual pizzas — no, let's say five pizzas we'll do annually, then three seasonal pizzas," Mr. Lahey said, sounding like a student caught off-guard by a pop quiz. "But I'm sure that one of the seasonal pizzas will be topped with freshly shaved summer truffle."

The Times lets slip that the oven will be a "gas-fired refractory pizza oven."


230 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at West 24th Street; map)

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