Super Thin-Crust Pizza at Michael Angelo's II


Michael Angelo's II

29-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria NY 11105 (b/n 29th and 31st streets; map); 718-932-2096
Pizza Style: Ultra-thin crust New York–style
Oven Type: Conventional steel-deck gas oven
The Skinny: Make sure to order the "thin-crust pizza." There's a regular crust, but the thin is seriously the way to go

I spent a large part of the weekend in Astoria and had a nice couple a slices while there. I had some squares from Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, which were good (and which Slice has covered here), but what I really want to focus on are the slices at Michael Angelo's II, just around the corner from the more widely heralded Rose & Joe's.

I've slept long and hard on Michael Angelo's II. My friends Dan and Katie, who just moved out of the neighborhood, told me about MAII so long ago, and it hasn't been until this year that I've really given it much of a chance.

I think that may be because it's on the other side of the LIRR overpass, and when I get off the train at Ditmars to visit friends, I have no need to go south toward 23rd Avenue—and because like I said, I typically go to Rose & Joe's.

Anyway, I've had Michael Angelo's II about four times now. Twice as cooked-to-order whole pies and a couple times slice-only.

What really sets Michael Angelo's II apart is the thinness of the crust. This is some seriously thin pizza, which is always a plus in my book. Check it out:


Make sure to order the "thin crust" pizza; there's also a regular crust pizza (more along the lines of what you're used to as a New York–style crust), but the thin is the thing to get here.

The cheese is applied just a little too thick, but there's adequate sauce to balance that out. Still, the crisp-chewy crust stands up well to the abuse. There's nice color in that crust, too. Peep the upskirt:


I also had a grandma slice there, which I didn't like as much as the regular plain slice. The sauce distro was a little too thick in the center of the slice, but that often seems to be the case with grandma slices. Many pizzerias seem to get creative with the sauce application on these pies, making diagonal lines of it or plopping on an extra helping of the red stuff as pictured here:


And here's the upskirt of the grandma slice for you to peep:


So far, with all the pizza-eating I've done in the northwest corner of Astoria, Michael Angelo's II, for regular slices and regular pies, has vaulted into the top of the pops for the area. But for square pies, I'd still stick with Rose & Joe's.