More on the Hutong Pizzeria in Beijing

Last week we posted about the Hutong Pizza pizzeria in Beijing:


Photograph by jeanmichelchuiche on Flickr

That prompted reader Etcetera24 to share her photos with us. Here's what it looks like on the inside:


Photographs above and below right from kitkatcathy on Flickr

Etcetera24 says: "That place makes a great pizza. Don't let the appearance in the photo fool you. There's an entire (albeit tiny) restaurant tucked away there. The entrance is at the end of an alley. As seen in my pictures here."

But is that really the name of the place? Do the Chinese characters translate into something else?

"The name is really Hutong Pizza," she said. "If you do a google, you'll get quite a few hits for the restaurant too."

Thanks for sharing your pix, Etcetera24. And for the intel.