Where Do We Get a Good Slice in Portland, Oregon?

20080918-pdxpostcard.jpgpdxdude*: Hello adam
pdxdude: I just moved to Portland OR
NYCSlice**: from where?
NYCSlice: awesome city
NYCSlice: good move
pdxdude: brooklyn
pdxdude: any places for a slice?
pdxdude: I tried Ken's
NYCSlice: well, you leave brooklyn for portland, you can't have it all

NYCSlice: You now live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. If not THE most beautiful
NYCSlice: I would be jealous if you had really awesome pizza there, too
NYCSlice: Hmm... I haven't been to pdx since 2000
NYCSlice: when i moved from there
NYCSlice: i used to like Pizzicato Pizza
NYCSlice: but that was a lnog time ago
NYCSlice: stay away from Rocco's
NYCSlice: it sucks
NYCSlice: try it once
NYCSlice: to see
NYCSlice: and then stay away
pdxdude: u are from PDX
NYCSlice: no
NYCSlice: only lived tehre for a few years
NYCSlice: 1997-2000
pdxdude: wow what a small world
pdxdude: there are a few places that claim they have NY pizza
NYCSlice: oh
pdxdude: so far so bad
NYCSlice: have you tried Escape from NY?
pdxdude: yes- not NY
NYCSlice: i'll open it up to the Slice audience
pdxdude: sweet
pdxdude: thx

So, Slicers, where can pdxdude go for a good New York–style slice in Portland? Please dish.

* Screen name has been changed to protect the innocent. ** Screen name is correct; feel free to ping me with similar requests, though my tactic may involve repeating above formula.