Here's a Tip: Mediocre Pizza Is Better When You Order It 'Well-Done'


Pizza photograph by The Pizza Review

T&R Pizza (by Adam "Slice"

T&R, where I often get my delivery and take-out pies.

For the last year, whenever I've ordered a conventional-gas-oven, mediocre-ingredients-laden, decent-crusted plain pie from my local pizzeria of choice, T&R, I have been specifying that my pie be well-done.

Why? Because uncooked, gummy pizza dough may be my No. 1 pizza pet peeve (also known as my "PPP"). Nothing ruins a pizza like a bite filled with raw dough. And you know what? Ordering well-done really makes a difference. My last pie from T&R was most excellent.

Am I the only pizza lover who uses the well-done pizza gambit?