During October, National Pizza Month, Sean Taylor Celebrates Accordingly

20081014-seantaylor-31days.jpgSean Taylor is a New York comedian and actor who, since 2002, has given over his October diet to National Pizza Month. That means 31 days of 31 slices from 31 different locations.

Each daily check-in on his blog, 31 Days of Pizza, features video footage—basically him and his friends analyzing the chosen spot, sometimes with his camera running out of batteries—along with Taylor's written ratings on the pizza's value and flavor and the joint's ambiance and service.

We hope Taylor is OK. He hasn't updated the site since last Thursday, October 9, though in past years this has been his M.O. We just figure it takes him a while to digest and reflect.

Sean Taylor's 31 Days of Pizza (2007)
Sean Taylor's 31 Days of Pizza (2006)