Meet Aaron Landry, the Twin Cities' Sage of Slicedom


Photograph from Bill.Roehl on Flickr

Nice to see Minneapolis's Aaron Landry get some props for his pizza-blogging. His site, found at, isn't primarily about pizza, but he attacks this dear-to-my-heart subject with great passion. He's got a number of reviews from his hometown, a roundup from Kentucky as well as a nice selection from visits to New York City and D.C.

To narrow his site's content to pizza, visit his "pizza" category page.

His "farm row to pizza dough" post caught my attention in April, and he did a brilliant bit on the iPhone 3G's bad pizza advice in early July.

Here's a snip from his Q&A with the Twin Cities Eater blog:

Seemingly overnight, you've become one of the most prolific and thoughtful local writers on the topic of pizza. What is it about pizza that justifies so many posts? I've always loved pizza but I didn't start writing about it on my blog until I was planning a trip to Washington, D.C. I realized in the five days I was staying there I was meeting up with five different women at five different pizza places. I figured it'd be a compelling thing to write about — the pizza, that is. When I came home, I decided to keep writing on pizza. I avoid saying that I "review" pizza places because I honestly give a little less regard to the reader in terms of providing them a full review compared to most professionals, I think. I talk about my experience, a little bit about the pizza and take a few photos. I think I complement professional reviews well but I certainly don't replace them. I'm more of a "regular guy" who loves pizza compared to someone that actually has a diverse taste in food and can write well. I think people appreciate that, though.

[Hat tip: Rachel]