Ed Levine's Questionable Pizza Practices: Do You Leave Your Pies Out Overnight? For Two Nights?


How long do you leave your pizza out on the counter? Overnight? Longer? Not at all? Photograph by Robyn Lee

As you may have seen already, Grub Street featured Serious Eats head honcho Ed Levine as the subject of its "New York Diet" column, in which a noted celeb or food person recounts his or her week's intake.

Zach Brooks gives you links here to many of the places Ed mentions in the interview, but I'm more interested in what this diet snapshot reveals to the rest of the world about Ed's pizza practices. Get a loada this:

And last night for dinner I had the last two slices of that sad pizza. And does anyone do this? I don’t put the pizza in the fridge so it stays out. It heats faster, and it’s not like it’s gonna spoil. So I had two slices and a very small bowl of black-bean soup and raisins.

"That sad pizza" was from not from the previous night but from two nights before.

Ed has tried his trick in the office to a resounding, collective "Ew, gross" from the folks here. I don't think I have to remind anyone about those big, nasty six-legged marauders whose name needs no mentioning on a food-friendly site.

Does anyone do this?