Ramen-Based Pizza Crust


Photograph courtesy of Michele Humes

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This past weekend, there was a Ramen-Off contest in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Contestants in the Ramen-Off had to repurpose this stuff of cheap meals, with an eye toward creativity and deliciousness.

The ramen dish above, made by Karol Lu, uses the noodles as pizza crust. As she told the folks at the Brooklyn Kitchen:

I wanted to make something that was the complete opposite of what you think of when you hear the word ramen. I also wanted the dish to be simple, inviting, and something that everyone likes. To me, this is pizza.

Even though I'm usually a vegetarian cook-off competitor and cook, I used pepperoni slices, because my vision was to have the pizza look so much like a pizza that it was kind of scary— like the ramen was wearing a pizza costume for Halloween. In the spirit of bad ramen, I made it a point to incorporate the (also nonvegetarian) spice packet.

I baked the pizza in a 10 1/4-inch springform pan (which I may very well have purchased at the Brooklyn Kitchen), and it worked perfectly.

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