Artichoke Basille's Artichoke Slice a 'New Classic'?


Say wha, Time Out New York? It's hammer time!

It's that time of year. The annual year-end round-ups are coming fast and furious. (Don't worry, homeslices, I'm workin' on them myself.) Today, Time Out New York drops its lists. For the most part, they're pretty solid. But I just had to reach in to the ol' Slice Bag o' Tricks and pull out the rusty but trusty Truth Hammer.

See that nonsense above? The weekly magazine is naming Artichoke Basille's signature artichoke slice a "new classic."

Please. We love the Artichoke regular and square slices, even if they are at times inconsistent. But that sloppy, gloppy party-dip-on-crust signature slice has no business achieving legendary status. Drop the cl from classic, and you'd be about right.

Apparently the folks at TONY do not read Slice, or they might have recalled our man Ed Levine's words:

The spinach and artichoke slice was a little odd and tasted more than a little like a dip you'd be served at a college party, but in the end I decided it was reasonably tasty. It did have way too much topping.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

So, TONY, please stand still ... and ... WACK!