Domino's Online Ordering Shows You Your Pizza as You Build It

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A tipster just emailed: "Was ordering Domino's last night and they updated their online ordering site with an application that lets you see the pizza you are building. In Flash, with really real-looking imagery. It was pretty cool."

I immediately clicked over to to put it through its paces. I signed in, clicked on "Build Your Own Pizza," and started with a Brooklyn-Style crust.

Here's what the interface looks like. Topping choices exist to the right of your mock pizza, with options for full-pizza coverage, left-half-coverage, or right-half. Where applicable. Topping-amount options become available when you tick off a box and are selected via a small pull-down menu--light, normal, and extra.

I thought I'd start with my favorite topping combo: sausage and onion. Wow. That looks pretty skimpy. Let's see what different topping amounts look like, shall we?

Here's the "Normal" amount of pepperoni.

Hmm. Baby Bear don't like that. She wants "Light" coverage.

But along comes Papa Bear and chooses "Extra." Mmm. Just right!

Let's Get Crazy

Now that we're in a maximizing mood, let's make a pizza with EVERYTHING. OK. I've got all my "Meats" on there. OK, clicking off the "Unmeats" (heh, clever, Domino's). Green peppers? Check. Black olives? And, ruh roh ...


I got a little too crazy! I love the warning. It's kinda like "hold on there, pardner!" It says:

That's quite a pizza you're building. But please, be responsible with your toppings. Too many can leave your pizza on the soggy side. So keep it to 10 toppings or less.

I'm not sure if that's a suggestion or an order. Because once I clicked "OK," the interface still allowed me checkmark black olives for a total of 11 toppings.

Testing a Meme


The folks on The Sneeze last year did some funny shenanigans with the Domino's pizza coverage options, testing to see how well the chain followed through with half-and-half pies and with ludicrous orders like the "None Pizza with Left Beef" (no sauce, no cheese, beef topping on left side only).

That's the old online ordering interface just above, along with the pizza that was delivered to The Sneeze people. I figured I'd see what a None Pizza with Left Beef look like in the new system.


Ohhh! No dice.

But the half-mushroom, half-pepperoni looks nice.

Parting Thoughts

I didn't follow through on ordering any of these pies, since I had just eaten, but I have to say that Domino's continues to push the envelope when it comes to the online ordering process. It's easy, intuitive, and, dare I say, kinda fun.

And I don't know if they've been on a campaign lately to inject some humor into the brand, but I like their little bits of humor here. What, with the bit about not showing a nekkid pizza and the gentle reminder to keep toppings at 10 or fewer. That, and their pizza boxes have a funny message printed on the bottom.