More Artichoke Craziness, But the Truth Hammer Rests


The velvet bag where the Truth Hammer is kept. Red, naturally.

Sometimes the mere threat of overwhelming power is more effective than the indiscriminate use thereof. This holds for the Truth Hammer, as well. Therefore, I'm only glancing in the general direction of this trusty Slice device as I write.

The Truth Hammer will remain in its velvet bag as I point out the words of Village Voice guest blogger Haily Eber (my emphasis):

The Artichoke Slice at Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Brewery was recently featured in Time Out's "100 Best..things we ate and drank this year" and hailed as a "new classic." We'd agree, it's a tasty slice, as is their Sicilian and the Crab slice, though you will probably feel its gooey goodness the morning after.

I've already pulled out the Truth Hammer with regard to this Time Out New York story, so I'm going to let it rest a bit. And it looks like Haily Eber has only just begun guest-blogging on the Village Voice's Fork in the Road blog, so I will show her some holiday mercy.

Welcome to the realm of pizza blogging, Ms. Eber. It is a world both delicious and dangerous.