Paulie Gee Profiled in 'Pizza Oven Lifestyles' Piece


Photographs courtesy of Paulie Gee

If you're a regular reader of Slice, Paulie Gee needs no introduction. For the rest of you heathens who drop by only occasionally, I'll spell it out. Paulie Gee is all over the comments here on Slice, responding with great tips on eating pizza in the NYC area and with sage advice on making pizza at home.

He knows what he's talking about. The guy seems to be at every pizzeria at once, and when he's at home, he's making what looks to be a killer line-up of pies in his backyard wood-burning pizza oven. Here's his Flickr set, aptly titled Paulie Gee's Pizzeria, though I've seen him refer to it at times as Cucina Paulie Gee.

Long story short, Paulie has just been profiled on, where one of the bloggers there scored an invite to a ten-course pizza tasting with Mr. Gee at his home in Warren, New Jersey. It's a great story and a nice profile of one of the voices we've really come to love on Slice here.

Go and catch a glimpse into Paulie's life at GoodEater and via Paulie's own photos.