Wall Street Journal (Sorta) Does the Math: Delivery vs. Frozen Pizza

Frozen Pizza

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When I first clicked through to this link on the Wall Street Journal site about the cost of delivery vs. frozen pizza, I thought there'd be some interesting numbers and an illuminating conclusion regarding DiGiorno's ad campaign touting the cheaper price of frozen pies. But, alas, "The Numbers Guy" doesn't really break it down for us. It comes out to a he-said-she-said piece in which chain pizzerias tout their selling points while a Kraft spokeswoman maintains that DiGiorno pizzas are still cheaper. The chain-pizza party line:

Added Chris Sternberg, of Papa John's, in an email, "With delivered pizza, the consumer invests virtually no time in the transaction: no preheating the oven, watching it, cutting it, etc. The ingredients are fresh, the service is to the doorstep, the cleanup is minimal, etc." Sternberg also argued that the DiGiorno math should have taken into account several additional costs, such as for gas to drive to the store for a frozen pizza, and the cost of cooking the pizza at home.

And the DiGiorno take is that, "The cost of a carry-out or delivery pizza remains approximately twice that of a DiGiorno pizza."

It basically comes down to consumer preference. In my book, it's not an either-or proposition. I typically prefer delivery or take-out from a mom-and-pop shop but keep a stock of frozen pizzas on hand for emergency rations. And I'm an ultra cheapskate on my frozen pies. I have a weird thing for Totino's/Jeno's el-cheapo "Party Pizza." Frozen pizza's already a huge compromise; why spend five more bucks on a marginally better pizza experience? [Thanks, David!]