Dear Slice: Boston May Have Had the First Pizza in the U.S.

Dear Slice

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Dear Slice, Letters From Our (a subscription service) has been adding the Boston Journal. I went through it and found the following long, interesting article [subscription required] on pizza, from 1903. This is two years before Lombardi's establishment opened on Spring Street in New York City, the so-called first pizzeria in America.

A similar, 1905 article from the New York Sun about pizza on Spring Street is on the Library of Congress website, FYI. Both articles spell it pizze.

--Barry Popik

P. S.: I just added a post on Pizza Margherita.

------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Barry,

Thanks yet again for some great research. I love getting these emails from you because they're almost always packed with some sort of nugget of newly unearthed historical information.

As someone who has adopted New York as his home, I'd have to say that 1905 is reportedly the first instance of a pizza license, which doesn't mean Lombardi's wasn't making pizzas prior to applying for the license. I would choose to believe this, just so that New York could keep its historical pizza supremacy over Boston as well as its ACTUAL present-day pizza supremacy.

Thanks again for the intel.

Hasta la pizza, Adam