Di Fara 'Temporarily Closed Due to a Medical Emergency'


20090123-difara-02.jpgFrom the answering machine at the legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara: "Due to a medical emergency we are temporarily closed. We are hoping to reopen on or before February 1. Thank you for all your concern, and have a great day."

We hope that everyone's OK at Di Fara and that this only is a minor medical emergency. We've tried to contact Di Fara and will bring you any news as we can get it. [via Chowhound; thanks, David J.]

UPDATE (4 p.m. 1/21/2009)

I just heard from Maggie, Dom DeMarco's daughter. She and Mr. DeMarco were in a car accident on Monday evening—black ice on the road. Maggie's OK, but Dom broke his knee cap, she said.

"He is scheduled to have surgery," Maggie wrote in an email. "Post-surgery requires about 4 to 6 weeks rehabilitation, which my dad already informed he will rehabilitate at work instead."