In Which I Eat the Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza at Pizzeria Reginella

Or, 'Fools Rush In Where Krieger Fears to Tread'

Pizzeria Reginella's Reginella Special

193 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11201 (b/n Court and Clinton streets; map); 718-522-2880
The Skinny: Strangely enough, hot dogs and french fry pizzas are commonly found in Italy. But just because it's Italian doesn't mean it's good. I mean, hello, Fabio for example?
Price: Small, $16.50; large $18.90; slice, $2.90

I was working from home this morning when I saw the hot dog and french fry pizza on Eater. The photo of it there was taken by "Daniel Krieger (who for the record, did not try a slice)."

"Did not try a slice?!?" I said to myself. Pussy.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Krieger is a wiser man than I. On my way in to the office, I took a minor detour through Brooklyn Heights to try this thing. Needless to say, I feel funny right now after getting about halfway through just one slice.

The hot dog and french fry pizza is called the Reginella Special. Giving the house name to such a pie is a pretty bold move, so I asked what the story was behind this pizza. Was it just a gimmick to get people talking?

"It's a pizza they do in Naples," said the pizza man on duty. "They do it all over there, and the owner here is from Naples."

For real?


I'd never heard of this, but some Googlin' revealed that it is indeed true that Naples, Italy, is awash in hot dog and french fry pizzas. Says the blog Food Mayhem:

Right next door was a pizza shop, Pizza & Sfizi, and since Lon was walking in and inspecting every one, why not this one? He took a picture of the pie with hot dogs and french fries, one we had been seeing everywhere. Here, they called it the Viennese and at the place we had lunch, they called it the American. Haha. I convinced Lon not to get a slice though since it would be lunch time soon and we had eaten so much already!

And poking around, I've found there are a number of shots on Flickr that depict this thing.

I don't care if it comes from Italy or the Pope himself, this creation is just not right.