Openings: Varasano's Pizzeria, Atlanta


Jeff Varasano hosting a pizza party at home. He moves from his own kitchen to the kitchen of his own pizzeria, Varasano's, tomorrow.

There are more notable pizzeria openings this week than you can shake a stick at. Next up: Varasano's Pizzeria in Atlanta. Some sources reported it as opening today, but according to owner Jeff Varasano's Facebook profile, his new and highly anticipated pizzeria opens tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25.

Pull out your viral-web microscopes and take a walk with me down memory lane. Prior to August 2006, Jeff Varasano was just going about his business in relative obscurity, attempting to reverse-engineer the pizza from his favorite joint, Patsy's in East Harlem. Then, in late August of that year, he announced on his pizza recipe page that he believed he had achieved his goal.

In mid-September 2006, ├╝ber weblog Boing Boing posted about Varasano's breakthrough, and, soon thereafter, his feat went viral, with so much traffic going to his recipe page that it crashed his server.

What made Varasano's story so compelling and link-worthy was the crazy way he achieved pizza perfection: by cutting off the lock mechanism on his oven and cooking his pizzas during the self-clean cycle.

Fast forward a bit and Varasano gets to thinking he can do this thing in a restaurant setting. And thus we come to Varasano's Pizzeria.

Jeff Varasano's journey has come full circle. He started out trying to craft a pie like the one he had in a pizzeria, and now he's running a pizzeria himself. Best of luck, Jeff!

Varasano's Pizzeria

2171 Peachtree Road, Atlanta GA 30309 (map)