Pizzeria Delfina's Genius Anti-Yelp T-Shirts



San Francisco's Pizzeria Delfina has come up with a brilliant way of countering negative reviews from less-than-literate Yelpers—it simply prints the nasty reviews on its employees' T-shirts.

7x7, which first reported on the shirts, makes a great analogy—it's sort of like taking back the night.

Or, perhaps a better comparison would be in the way that minority groups attempt to reclaim certain derogatory terms—queer, nigga, bitch—from the dominant culture, thereby mitigating the sting of those words.

With messages such as "The pizza was soooo greasy. I am assuming this was in part due to the pig fat" (natalie t.) and "This place sucks" (Hoan T.), Pizzeria Delfina aims to turn the idea of Yelp as a source for intelligent food criticism on its head. [via Consumerist]

Pizzeria Delfina, in San Francisco's Mission District
The Chronicle on Pizzeria Delfina
18th and Guerrero [Paulie Gee's Flickr]