In Videos: 'Green' Pizza Box Breaks Down into Plates, Storage Container


Now this is a development in pizza gadgetry I can get behind. Seriously.

Green-friendly packaging design firm ECO Inc. has come up with the Greenbox.

The lid is perforated into four sections that can be used as plates. Tear off a couple triangular strips from the sides of the remaining bottom and fold along the score, and you've got a half-sized rectangular leftovers box.

[Video of the box in action, and why it might not actually be recyclable, after the jump.]

While the eco idea behind the box is noble, it's been noted that pizza boxes aren't necessarily recyclable. Sure, corrugated cardboard in and of itself can be recycled, but any greasy gunk that gets on the box renders it unfit for reincarnation. So, in reality, using the lid as plates might actually taint a part of the box that had otherwise avoided contact with the pizza.

Then again, you could argue that using the lid as plates saves water and/or dishwasher power. But that just seems like six of one, half dozen the other.

So what to do with soiled pizza boxes? You could always compost them.

I usually do feel guilty about the pizza box thing when ordering a pie. But my take on this box design is that if you're going to get a box no matter what, this one is mighty convenient and will actually fit in the fridge once you transform it. [via Wired]

Green Pizza Box