Jimmy Fallon Twitters About Getting Kicked Out of NYC Pizzeria

"@jimmyfallon Oh, I'm afraid you've started the revolution, and they're hard to stop"


Late Night

It looks like Jimmy Fallon went to pizzeria Posto with his family last night and was asked to leave. The drama unfolded on Twitter.

I've tried to piece together the saga by reading Fallon's tweets and the conversation between him and his Twitter followers.

A few notes before you start reading:

  • For those not versed in the twitspeak, the "@username" convention is how tweeters designate that they're talking to a specific Twitter user
  • For experience tweeters, note that this reconstructed conversation runs chronologically (or as close to it as I could get) in ascending order, i.e., earliest at top. It's the reverse of what you're used to but is easier to relate the story that way
  • The conversation is reconstructed from various sources. I've included as many participating voices as possible to arrive at some sort of context. Because of the somewhat asynchronous nature of Twitter, at times various tweets may be referring to something other than Fallon's pizza situation

Another more important note: Twitter obviously gives a murky window on to what actually happened. Fallon at one point urges a boycott but then takes it back. I like Posto and its sister pizzerias and would urge you not to boycott as well.

The Posto Twitroversy

jimmyfallon: actually asked to leave a pizza place today

jimmyfallon: Posto on 2nd (they also own Gruppo and Vezzo)

jimmyfallon: carb face carol rude to my 2 year old niece and an 11 month old (sleeping) because they heard i didnt like the pizza there.

jimmyfallon: crazy.

jimmyfallon: i actually like posto.

jimmyfallon: not anymore. please... if you like little babies and hate carb face carol...

jimmyfallon: never go to Posto, Gruppo or Vezzo in New York City. i actually cannot believe how rude they were.

jimmyfallon: i am not (or ever will be) a food critic. this girl was laughing as we (my wife and I) were wheeling the kids out.

Lyssa_2009: @jimmyfallon why not become one, then you will have the power to close places like that down !!!!

jimmyfallon: @Lyssa_2009 true

jimmyfallon: I have never ever EVER reviewed Posto. Carb face Carol and owners Jonathan Tweedy and Antonio Gomez should be ashamed. not cool.

fullofgiggles: @jimmyfallon let's all order a ton of pizza's there, and in about half an hour, call them and cancel them to say we don't like their pizza!

jimmyfallon: @FullofGiggles don't bother. this girl's smiling face is stuck in my memory. (i actually like the pizza there!) fools!

EnriqueH73 @jimmyfallon what the heck did you do?

jimmyfallon: @EnriqueH73 I just looked and they grabbed some quote off of New York online and thought i di not like the pizza. [Link added. —The Mgmt.]

jimmyfallon: dudes. no joke. i actually like that pizza!

jimmyfallon: i actually hope that you choose to never go to Posto, Gruppo or Vezzo. that girl was laughing at us, telling us to leave.

fullofgiggles: @jimmyfallon hard to enjoy their pizza now with their attitude. If they'd heard you didn't like it, they should've been happy you were there

jimmyfallon: @FullofGiggles true that. it just shows... not a classy move. sorry for going off...

DrRandPink: @jimmyfallon- thanks for making us laugh this week - send me your bar tab or go to Momofuku - tell Chang Dr Pink is picking up the tweetbill

jimmyfallon: @DrRandPink @DomainMaximus i love momofuku

DomainMaximus: @jimmyfallon I will make sure to pass that on during any conventions I attend in NYC when restaurants come into discussion.

DaveEsq: @jimmyfallon They mess with the Fallon, they're messing with family. No Mas. Adiós pizza Nazis!

jimmyfallon: @DaveEsq Don't mess with the Fallon Family

DaveEsq: @jimmyfallon Exactly brother! Like the Godfather family -- only less bloodthirsty, goofier and of equally questionable moral character. :>

jimmyfallon: @hazelrabun so sad. sorry about that.

jimmyfallon: i love higgins

jimmyfallon: i sooooooo love technology. and i love people.

jimmyfallon: i soooooooo love technology. and i soooooo love the power of people.

jimmyfallon: @RobdaHood yes. but not on purpose

TheSavage13: @jimmyfallon They own Spunto too, so you have reviewed them with Marion Batali http://bit.ly/3GkyLC

jimmyfallon: @TheSavage13 Spunto too. i have actually never said that quote.

jimmyfallon: in that pizza tasing - i actually said - that Posto is good. they shouldn't be in this competition because the pizza is thin (cracker like)

jimmyfallon: i'm sorry. i am venting. don't boycott. don't hate. i just have never been thrown out of a restaurant.

DaveEsq: @jimmyfallon Dude. You're too nice. Throwing you out with kids while laughing is more than enough reason to rant. Peep need 2 know @ jerks.

awagz: @jimmyfallon no one cares.

jimmyfallon: @awagz thanks.

TheSavage13: @jimmyfallon Oh, I'm afraid you've started the revolution, and they're hard to stop

twinfo: #twopular: @jimmyfallon is now the top retweeted twitterer for trend 'Gruppo': http://twopular.com/trend/Gruppo

[Hat tip to Rob S. on alerting us to this Twitter craziness.]