L.A.: Mozza Expansion Means Take-Out Pizza and a Pizza School

News from L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink blog that Pizzeria Mozza is expanding to include a blip of a take-out pizzeria (with just four seats) and a pizza school:

Yet it's the eastern part and biggest section of the shop that will really get people talking. Tentatively called the "Scuola di Pizza," this flexible, multi-purpose food room will be the ultimate space in which to play out your Mediterranean culinary fantasies (as long as they're within the bounds of socially accepted behavior, of course). A long counter at the rear frames a small pizza oven and other ridiculously gorgeous shiny cooking equipment that Silverton describes as a non-intimidating "home-style kitchen." That's if your home kitchen happens to include top-of-the-line just about everything with tons of room for your guests. Once things get going, Silverton hopes to accommodate wine tastings, classes, and private parties on a rotating schedule.

Pizzeria Mozza

641 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036 (map) 323-297-0101