F-Words of Wisdom from Pizzaiolo Chris Bianco


Chris Bianco, assembling a pizza. Photograph by Robyn Lee

Matthew Amster-Burton writes on Gourmet.com about the philosophy of legendary Phoenix pizza man Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco). Readers here are more than familiar with the place, so here are a couple choice quotes:

“Don’t worry about eight hundred degrees, don’t worry about the bullshit of time, don’t worry about tripping out your fuckin’ home kitchen to reproduce something. Those things to me are not organic. I mean, if you have a hot sidewalk and a magnifying glass, you can make something.” He paused while I imagined how this would work. “Maybe not pizza—but something, if only the sundried tomato that goes on the pizza."

And this one (after the jump):

On eating local: "People ask for clams on the pizza," he said. "Show me some fuckin' water in Phoenix and I’ll put fuckin' clams on your pizza."

Oh, what the hell, and this:

On my hometown: "If I was in Seattle I'd be smokin' fuckin' salmon or something." To put on the pizza or instead of making pizza, I wondered? Bianco eventually got there. "I never set out to love pizza. I don’t love pizza. I have no passion for pizza," he declared. "I only love and I only have passion, so you fuckin' fill in the blank, I love it."

Do yourself a favor and go read the rest. It's a hoot.

Pizzeria Bianco

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