Pizza Weirdness: Neo Kobe Pizza Is a Slice Dunked in Soup


Some video game geeks have come up with something truly bizarre: Neo Kobe Pizza—a slice of pizza dipped in soup.

Here's a snip from the blog post where they discovered it:

As far as I can tell, the dish is was originally Akashiyaki (octopus dumplings dipped in fish sauce) in the Japanese version of [the video game] Snatcher, but was presumably changed into Neo Kobe Pizza to appease western audiences. The idea of Neo Kobe Pizza is as simple as it is insane: take a slice of pizza, submerge it in a soup of your choice, and wait for it to float back up. Eat with chopsticks.

Not content to leave this idea to the realm of video games, they made the dish and describe eating it:

It's actually really fucking good. My first cheese slice spent just enough time in the water to retain the taste of the chicken broth without making the slice too soggy. The chicken broth goes flabbergastingly* well with the pizza: the tastes remain separate and distinguishable, but they complement each other really well. After my first slice, I legitimately felt that Neo Kobe Pizza was better than regular pizza.