Slice Poll: How Often Do You Eat Pizza?

I got an email from Famdoc yesterday with a good idea:

I don't recall ever seeing one, but I wonder whether you've ever surveyed your readership on the number of times per month (or per week) they eat pizza. I'd be curious to see the distribution of replies (my own reply would be 4 times per month, counting homemade pies). If you haven't done such a survey, would you consider putting one up on the site?

I think when I first started Slice I was interested in polls, but there was no easy way to slap one in a blog post at the time. (This was more than five years ago, before things like PollDaddy existed.) And once they did exist, I don't know why I never revisited the option.

Well, anyway, enough with the blathering. Here's the first Slice poll. Thanks for the nudge, Famdoc!

How many times a week do you eat pizza?(poll)