Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn Opening D.C. Pizzeria

20090501-spkie.jpgBy way of Grub Street's New York Diet feature, we learn that former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn plans on opening a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.:

After falafel I had a little bit of a siesta, and then dinner at Grimaldi’s. I love my pizza. I’m opening a pizzeria in D.C. in the next three or four months. I just took over the building the other day. I’m researching pizza, so I’m trying to hit up all the spots. They do a great coal-fire pizza. I had pepperoni and green peppers on it and a pitcher of beer. I love watching the owner give everybody attitude in the restaurant; it’s part of the ambience. I don’t think I want to have coal fire. I want to have American-Napolean [sic] pizza. But not a true Napolean [sic] pizza; it needs to be Americanized a little bit. The true pizza from Napoli is really soggy in the middle, and you have to eat it with a knife and fork. I don’t think it’ll take well to the American palate. I mean, most pizzas in the States that are called Napolean pizzas are crispier. That was the night.

Mendelsohn also visited 99¢ Fresh Pizza and Lombardi's and had plans to visit Tonda, Una Pizza Napoletana, Kesté, San Marzano, Emporio, and Artichoke Basille's.